David Hickman for Buzzmaster Trumpet Artist David O'Neill

  David O'Neill popped by my studio this afternoon
  with one of his BuzzzMasters to try. I really like this!

  It is a precision-made mouthpiece buzzing device
  that has a unique end which creates a resistance
  like actually playing the trumpet.

  I can play softly or loudly with the same lip exertion
  and breath support that I use when playing the trumpet.

My lips don't tire too quickly and I do not have to play with more effort than I do
when playing the horn. It sounds softer than buzzing the mouthpiece by itself, too.
I can see using it in hotel rooms or backstage without making too much noise.

If you are into mouthpiece buzzing you should definitely check it out.

David Hickman
Trumpet Professor, AZ State University
Summit Brass, President and Founder



Jose Sibaja for Buzzmaster Trumpet Artist David O'Neill


The BuzzzMaster enables me to warm up with an
efficiency and accuracy far beyond my expectations.
It is the perfect companion to my daily routine.

Recording Artist, Miami
Trumpet/Boston Brass



Richard Murrow for BuzzMaster Trumpet Artist David O'Neill

 After having spent the past couple of weeks with David O'Neill's
 BuzzzMaster,I can say without question that you have another WINNER.

 As a tuba player, I am a big believer in mouthpiece buzzing for eartraining,
 wind, and obviously embouchure development. There are many fine products
 on the market to help with buzzing and they all work well, however, I think
 BuzzzMaster is the only one the gives me the actual feel of the tuba while
 still keeping me honest with note placement/accuracy.

 I will recommend this to all of my students and certainly mention its benefits
 in clinics and master classes!

Richard Murrow
Tuba/Euphonium Texas Christian University
Artist Clinician Miraphone
Principal Tuba/East Texas Symphony
American Chamber Brass
Dallas/Fort Worth Freelance Tubist



Bob Odneal for Buzzzmaster Trumpet Artist David O'Neill

 I have been using the BuzzzMaster regularly since I received it and
 feel it is a very valuable tool that would be useful for any brass player.

 I like the resistance that the BuzzzMaster provides when warming up
 or rewarming up after a long rest period on stage or off stage. I don't
 recommend buzzing an open mouthpiece due to the fact it opens the
 aperture up too much, but buzzing with the BuzzzMaster works great.

I am happy to endorse the BuzzzMaster.

Bob Odneal
Trumpet Pro, teacher
Former trumpeter with Maynard Ferguson




  Since being introduced to the BuzzzMaster by David O'Neill, I have
  integrated it into my daily routine. Unlike other buzzing tools, the
  BuzzzMaster only allows you to buzz in a register that is optimal for
  warming up, and will not cause undue tension before a long days work!

  I recommend this as an invaluable tool for ALL horn players.

Chris Castellanos
French Horn/Boston Brass
Principal French Horn/Phantom of the Opera, Las Vegas



John Barker for Buzzzmaster Trumpet Artist David O'Neill

 A constant challenge in my daily need to maintain chops is practice either side
 of daily performance! Having a young family and other distractions mean it
 isn't always easy to get time on the instrument when needing to maintain them!

 Enter stage left, the BuzzzMaster, which is a fantastic piece in my kit for
 preparing the lip for performance and warming down on the way home!

 The resistance that it offers is just like having the mouthpiece in the trumpet.

John Barker
Professional Trumpeter, England



Tony Scodwell for Buzzzmaster Trumpet Artist David O'Neill

 I use the David O'Neill BuzzzMaster every day before picking up my horn.
 Sometimes I use the BuzzzMaster for as little as 5 minutes and as much as
 10 minutes before picking up my trumpet.

 I know when my air is moving well I have accomplished what I need to do
 before picking up the trumpet.

 Great in the car to the gig as well.

Tony Scodwell
Freelance Lead Trumpet Player - Las Vegas
Owner: Embar Custom Trumpets




  I really must say that your BuzzzMaster practice aid is a marvelous thing
  to have. I use mine in the car when I am driving to a gig.

  I work at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center and I am still an active
  musician playing with a few Big Bands in and around the Washington DC area.
  My regular daytime job ends typically at 6PM and often I have to drive to
  a gig where the downbeat is at 8PM. With severe traffic and parking problems
  in DC I cannot always get to my gig early enough to do a full warm up routine.

So while I am sitting in traffic, I can actually start warming up in the car with my BuzzzMaster in hand.
I can then walk right into the ballroom and onto the stage ready to play.

This device is a lifesaver!! All trumpet players should have one!!! "

Lee Walkowich
Manager, Band & Orchestra Division Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center
Wheaton, MD